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 TNT hydraulic rescue cutterIt is always tempting to specify the biggest and, on paper, the most powerful tools available. In the majority of scenarios however a smaller, easier to use and lighter tool is much more appropriate.

TNT tools perform so well that users are often surprised at the capability of its mid-size SLC-28 cutter. Those requiring maximum cutting force will not be disappointed with the BFC-320 specifications. Simply the most powerful cutter on the market today and available with a choice of blades - shorter curved blades for those preferring a shallower and more conventional cutter - longer reach blades for those concerned about New Car Technology or those needing a design of tool to certain measurement requirements.

TNT’s smallest tool is perhaps one of the most impressive. The small curved-blade Confined Space cutter has incredible performance in a tiny package. Available with a choice of remote valve control or with integrated control, the Confined Space cutter is an extremely impressive tool in a small package.

TNT BFC-300 Cutter


Whilst more rescuers nowadays tend to carry at least one dedicated cutter and spreader, sometimes budgets or load space mean that a Combi-Tool is specified.

TNT offer an innovative take on Combi-Tool design. The SLCC Combi-Tools give users the choice of Combi tools optimised either for spreading or for cutting. Both tools have excellent performance with cutting power up to 528 kN and spreading power to 93.9 kN, the difference between the tools being only in the shape of the spreading element of the blades.

TNT SLCC 20 Combi-Tool

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As an independent, ambitious and innovative company, TNT is happy to offer their tools with a choice of control mechanisms.

TNT's popular Star Grip

Whilst the standard offering is the popular ‘star grip’ which allows for control both with the thumbs and fingers, no matter the position of the tool or how close the tool is to the vehicle, we do know some customers prefer other styles of tool control. That’s why we are happy to offer TNT tools with whichever control style our customers choose.

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