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The Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation system is literally head and shoulders above the competition in its ability to not only stabilise, but also lift and secure heavy vehicles. The system can manage loads up to 9 tonnes even at full extension and has a unique 5 year warranty. The equipment has been designed to overcome all of the shortcomings of competitive products.

Paratech Supporter

Heavy Duty Vehicle Stabilisation

Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation Kits - TwistLockParatech Vehicle Stabilisation Kits (VSK) have the strength and flexibility to handle any size vehicle anytime, anywhere. This includes cars, buses, large trucks and even trains.

Additionally, these components provide the extra value of being completely interchangeable with other Paratech equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios.

They are strong, sturdy and reliable. Paratech systems are the easiest to use and the strongest VSKs on the market today.

Several kits are available from the TwistLock Vehicle Stabilizer (TVS) system for smaller vehicles, to the Interstate Kit for loads up to 50,000 Kg.

Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation Kits - Interstate Paratech Vehicle Stabilisation Kits - Highway

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