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Ready to fly aerial thermal imaging solution for Firefighters and First Responders

FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone

With FLIR’s new Aerial Thermal Imaging Kit, drone-based thermal imaging for Firefighters and First Responders is more accessible than ever before.

The kit includes a DJI Inspire 1, Zenmuse XT thermal camera, Zenmuse X3 4K visible light camera, and a variety of accessories bundled together to give you the tools you need to get your airborne thermal imaging program off the ground immediately. By combining DJI’s unrivalled expertise in flight stability, gimbal technology, and image transmission with the industry-leading thermal imaging technology of FLIR, the Zenmuse XT is the ultimate solution for reliable, rapid-deployable aerial thermal imaging.

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t
Available in either 640×512 or 336×256 resolutions, FLIR’s Aerial Thermal Imaging Kit has optimized resolution and optics to make sure you’ll have the right combination of situational awareness, magnification, and area coverage to suit your mission requirements. Plus, there are options for single- and dual-control so you can have a separate operator dedicated to running the camera while another focuses on flying the drone.

Mission Ready
Mount the XT on the Inspire 1, and you can be ready to launch in seconds. This seamless integration gives you access to important features like DJI’s powerful Lightbridge video transmission system, automated Point of Interest, Course and Home Lock, Follow Me, and the DJI SDK.

FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Display

A fast, efficient, yet stable airframe, the Inspire 1 will keep the Zenmuse XT aloft for 22 minutes*, making it ideal for large scale inspections, around active fire scenes, and is especially useful in search and rescue scenarios.

*Flight times vary based on flight conditions, with a maximum 22 minute flight time being recorded when hovering with a TB48 battery using the Zenmuse XT gimbal camera.

FLIR Aerial First Responder Kit

FLIR Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone Kit

First Responder drone packages come in two options that will each give you airborne thermal imaging support for every call. Particularly valuable for firefighting, they give Incident Commanders the ability to see through smoke and keep track of their personnel in large fire scenes. They’re also a must-have piece of equipment for rapidly deployed SAR missions regardless of the time of day.

Drone Datasheet (PDF) >>>

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Vimpex Rescue Overview (PDF) >>>
See through smoke and guide water application for efficient attacks.
Find lost hikers or accident victims night and day.
Easily located failed argon gas windows on office buildings
Find invisible water damage in seconds
Get a wide-angle view of the whole roof while keeping the details you need for accurate analysis.
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